Munition poem

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Munition Poem / Installation / 2016 In the performance, the artist writes her poem “Munition” on the wall. The Poem, which is on her drawing series “Munition” is about the First World War. It can be heard read aloud at the end of the video in both English and French. 1 Channel Video Installation, 8:01 min loop, PAL […]


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Horizont / Drawing / 2018 Text:  / Fotos:  graphite and charcoal on paper, unique, signed, 70 x 100 cm graphite, ink, acrylic and charcoal on paper, unique, signed, each 70 x 100 cm, 2018 graphite, ink, acrylic and charcoal on paper, unique, signed, each 70 x 100 cm, 2018


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Minoo / Light Painting / 2013 Nina Ansari paintings are working with LEDs. They are programmed to change slowly over the course of several hours.   light, mixed media on projection film, 220 x 240 cm Kunstundhelden / Aquabit Gallery, Berlin

Zur Freiheit verurteilt

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Zur Freiheit verurteilt/ Installation / 2018 Nina Ansari´s work comprises of photographic imagery, drawing, installation and video. Implicitly influenced by the Iranian political background and its multifacedeted history, Ansari composes multilayered photographic works,where identity in its situational definitions tends to hold crucial place. Her images, often balancing on the black andgrey scale narrate emotional situations that […]


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Munition / Drawing / 2014 – The black and white drawings of the series (2014) are shadowy and vague. At first glance they look like landscapes and cloud formations. However, the templates to the drawings were pictures of theaters of war from the First World War. With time the viewer recognizes aircrafts, explosions or faces in the […]