Freedom coffee


Freedom coffee

Dirk a mocha coffee made by the artist Nina Ansari. She uses the mocha grinds to help slough off dry skin and help seal in your natural skins moisture. After this face mask you will wake up with a refreshed feeling.

In 2013, the preparation of mocha and the Turkish coffee culture are part of the intangible Unesco world cultural heritage.

This product has no trace of slavery in the production and manufacturing line.

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period of time: 1-2 hours


optional available you can also book a portrait shooting

Portrait Shooting @studioninaansari
We have professional lighting and a background in the studio to create the perfect “studio lighting” in a “real” environment. Every single photo is edited so that brightness, contrast and cropping are optimized. You will receive the photos as high-resolution files via online transfer.

  • Price: 650, – € for one and a half hours
  • Price: 710, – €  for two hours
  • Price: 860, – €  for two and a half hours
  • Price: 1110, – € for three hours



Everyone should believe

in something?

or everything?

I believe

I‘ll have


freedom coffee.

by Nina Ansari