My work varies, from installation, painting, sculpture, collage, drawing, printmaking and photography. That is because I do not wish my work to be categorized to one specific media. I want to be free to experiment with the making as well as concept itself.

As for materials, I often use metal, plexiglas, led-light, coral, paper, wood, paint and my human scale of imagination by manipulating the subtlety, fragility and constant flux to create a space. This encourages experiencing the space not only visually but also all the senses; sound, light, smell and sensations felt through skin. What really interested me, is to make space where is no space with the energy of light.

Simple creative acts by visualizing light, transformation, dimension, time and perception to transport the viewer somewhere else. By do really believe, the experience for the viewer can change and baring the inner identity of light, sound and color.

The work is hugely influenced by my own life experience and unconscious or sub-conscious memory, especially from my childhood, which appears and disappears suddenly and randomly. This situation exists as transparent and invisible in ‘Timeless time’ and ‘Spaceless space’. My work expresses this transparent space and becomes a clue, hint, or indication. It is a doorway in an ambiguous way.

– Nina Ansari